Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в старших классах: Брейн-ринг Welcome to Australia

  • Пузырёва Маргарита Викторовна, учитель английского языка

– Good morning. Glad to see you. Let’s play “Brain-ring”. Two teams take part in this game. The first team is from Canberra. The second team is from Sydney. The teams will show their knowledge of Australia and try to assure the jury that they are clever, smart and good students.

1. Now let’s start our competition. You task is to put the missing letters. Thank You.

Abro_d Abor_g_ne K_ngaro_ N_tive Harb_ _r Key:Abroad Aborigine Kangaroo Native Harbour

2. The second task.There are 20 parts of 10 words. Try to combine them into the words. Read the words. Thank you!

Archi-tecture Neigh-bourhood Ara-bic Flo-ra Ko-ala Spa-nish Un-employment Tempera-ture Fau-na Kan-garoo

3. The third task. Read the sentence and say if it is try ore false.

1) Canberra is the home of Australia’s government. (T) 2) Sydney is the capital of Australia. (F) 3) Sydney is the largest and the oldest city in Australia. (T) 4) Canberra is a “cyclist’s paradise”. (T) 5) Sydney Opera House is one of the greatest examples of 20th century. (T)

4. Complete the sentences:

  1. Australia was discovered in ______ by ________.
  2. The discoverer of Australia claimed it for ___________.
  3. The first settlers were ________________.
  4. People rushed to Australia because _________.
  5. Australia’s is located in __________ hemisphere.
  6. The hottest month in Australia is ________.
  7. About 70 per cent of the population live in the __________.
  8. ________ is the capital of Australia.
  9. The Olympic Games were held in Sydney in ___________.
  10. If in London it’s 8 a.m., in Sydney it is _______.
  11. People in Australia speak ________.
  12. Australia became independent in _____.